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Smiles 'n' Snuggles is open to product reviews and giveaways. I'm a mom and a teacher, based in Canada, who loves crafts and has a 1 year old. I'm always looking for new toys, activities and products to use. I am generally looking for educational products, craft tools and children's toys and clothing. I will gladly review products that relate to my family, my interests or my readers.

My readers are generally women in the 20-40 age range who are mommies or yet to be mommies, single, married and even some grandmothers!
If you are interested in having me review a product, provide sponsorship or conduct a giveaway please contact me at

Currently, I will only complete a review of a product if they are accompanied by a giveaway for my readers. In order for me to review a product, I will need a full-sized, non-returnable sample of the product. Within 4-6 weeks of receiving the product, I will provide a written review with photos. Only positive reviews will be posted. Once the review is completed, I will send you a link to the active post. If you have a product, company, Etsy shop or blog that you believe would be of interest to my readers, please contact me at

Giveaways can be in the form of a physical product or for a gift certificate for a given amount. You can choose two mandatory entries and 5-10 optional entries for the giveaway. You are also able to determine the length of time the giveaway will run for. Upon giveaway completion, I will provide you with the winner's contact information and ask that you ship the product/gift certificate directly to them. Giveaways will be open to both US and Canadian residents, so please ensure that your product can be sent to either country.

Sponsorship information to come.
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