Boys' Birth Stories

On May 2nd, 2010 (exactly one week after our wedding), the husband and I found out we were going to be parents! We were ecstatic! Fast forward to August 13th, when we found out our little Peanut was a little boy!

Fast forward again to January 5th (my due date). I'd spent the last few days nesting. Everything was clean, Monkey's nursery was ready, both hospital bags were packed and my mom and I had spent hours walking the malls trying to get the process started. Earlier in the week, I had been to the OB and we had discussed induction, which would have been January 12th.

That night, after watching, Toddlers and Tiaras and dancing to a Madonna song that was on during one of the little girls routines, I went upstairs and felt some sharp pain go around my stomach to my back. I'd had a few Braxton Hicks, but I had felt nothing like this. They continued, with no regularity, and I got a tiny bit of sleep. Eventually around 2 am I couldn't sleep anymore because of the pain. While I was heating up a heat pack for my back (I ended up having back labour) I thought I'd felt a little pop and then I needed to go to the washroom, but there was no gush. Contractions got a little worse, so I called the hospital, told them the situation and they said to come in.

We went in, my OB was on call, and we went through the triage process at 3 am. They determined that my water had indeed broken, but I was not dilated, hence the missing "gush". The OB told me to head home and if the contractions got worse to come back or if things stay the same that I would induced on the 7th.

They got worse. We timed everything and called the hospital and they told us to come back. That was 2 pm in the afternoon. I was examined and was dilated a fingertip. I was sent to the warm bath to try to speed things up, then was sent walking around the L&D and maternity ward. After 2 1/2 hours, I had dilated to 2-3 cm. However, everything was in my back. The nurse had initially thought about sending me back home but since it was quiet they kept me around. I was in excruciating pain so I was given my epidural and was immediately in heaven. The contractions stopped so I was given oxytocin, which started up the process again and 2 hours later it was time to push.

Here's where the fun started. There was another girl in the next room, and since it was now evening, there was only one OB on call. We were at exactly the same spot and the OB decided to go to the other room first. I was forced to stop pushing and wait for him to come. Eventually, the OB made his way in, but after 2 pushes, Monkey came out very quickly. The doctor almost had to push him back in so that he could loosen the cord which was wrapped around his neck twice. This resulted in a lovely 3rd degree tear!

My Monkey arrived at 10:21, January 6, weighing 7lbs 8 oz. He's perfect!

All snuggled in his hospital crib

During his newborn shoot

1/2 year old already!

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