About Me

Welcome to my blog!

 My name is Victoria and I'm in charge of this little piece of Internet space known as Smiles 'n' Snuggles!

Definitely need a better picture!

Here are 10 amazingly interesting facts all about me!
1. I'm a mommy to two awesome little boys (Joseph and Andrew) and wife to The Husband.
The Husband and I
 photo 445A6338_zpsc680ffa5.jpg
 My boys ~ Andrew & Joseph
2. I consider myself a crafter. Pinterest is my favouritest thing ever. I have trouble coming up with some of my own ideas, but I love making things, especially for the boys.
3. I'm a runner. Granted, I haven't run a race (yet!), I'm considering myself a runner. It's slowly becoming a large part of my life and I love researching ways to stay uninjured, great (but cheap) gear to use as well as reading about other people successes and difficulties.
4. I like cooking, but suck at it. I'm not horrible, but I rely on my recipes! I think I'm getting better on a daily basis.
5. I'm addicted to sugar. I have a lot of trouble staying away from candy, cake and pop. It's horrible and I'm really trying to fix it but boy is it difficult!
6. I bite my nails. I can't seem to quit. I've tried everything. At this point it's a matter of will power. Which I just don't have all the time!

7. I love my sports. I love spending a Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching baseball (and sometimes football). I play hockey and softball (when not pregnant) and will for as long as I can.

8. I'm a teacher. After putting in my dues of 8 years of teaching, I finally have my dream job of teaching Kindergarten in September!

9. I'd love to have 4 or 5 kids. I'm definitely not a Duggar mom, but I love kids and would love have to more. Now to convince The Husband.

10. I love being a 'boy' mom. It just seems to suit me. I was a tomboy growing up and raising these two little boys. I love being outside and playing (not that a girl can't do those things). The one thing that confuses me. Action figures!

Well, hopefully you have a better sense of who I am and you'll keep coming back to my blog to visit!
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