Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Fall Half Marathon is set!

I finally decided on my half marathon for the fall. 

Some of you may remember that I have been torn between Scotiabank in Toronto or the Niagara Falls Half Marathon. Well, I decided to go with neither of those options.

After speaking to my running guru (a mother at my school who runs really fast and whose father is a legend in Canadians running consecutive Boston Marathons. She has run a few as well) I've decided to run the 'fast' Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon on November 1st.

Now I'm sure some people will say *gasp* the day after Halloween? Well, my boys are still young. As in bed by 8:00 pm young. Halloween is exciting at our house, but it's also done fairly early! We try to have everything wrapped up by 9, since we don't want the doorbell waking up the boys. Therefore, heading to bed early isn't a big deal.

Plus, after I finish the half marathon, I can eat all of their Halloween candy guilt free!
halloween candy bucket

Anyway, I'm aware that it is a full 7 months away, but I'm planning for this one. I'm really, really gunning for my best half marathon time. I aiming for anything below 2:30!

I was told this race is a good PR race because of the 4km of downhill running. This appeals to me. I'm sure my legs will be screaming once it's done, but I like me some downhill running.

I've spent the last couple days reading some race reviews from Nicole at I've Always Been A Joiner and Christina at The Athletarian and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the race day before heading out (7 months from now)! I've learned parking is easy, the shuttle is well run, the start line is crazy and there is good food at the end. Sounds awesome! The start being crazy isn't horrible for me since I'm not aiming for an amazingly fast time and I'm used to bobbing and weaving.

The Red Hill Creek Expressway during the Road2Hope Marathon in Hamilton.

I'm really excited for this. Part of me is thinking of trying to find someone who is willing to pace me to a sub-2:30 half marathon, but all of the runners I know are all really fast and I'd definitely be holding them back a ridiculous amount. I'll just have to stick with the pace bunnies at the race.

My training will begin in August, which is nice because I find training in July and August difficult with our all over the place schedule. The heart of the training will take place September and October when things are more routine with school for the boys and work. Now I just need to find a training plan I like.

It's nice to have this decision finally made and now I can start working towards my goals!

Anyone else planning to run Road2Hope Half Marathon?

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