Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Motivate Me Monday (on a Tuesday!)

I have a lot of things to juggle. Kids, a full-time job, exercising, cooking, cleaning and of course, blogging. On any given week, one of these 'balls' tends to drop and get away from me. Typically, it's cleaning, but last week, it was blogging (and maybe cleaning too)! Hence, my lack of posts last week.

Anyway, I'm back and here to share my plan for this week:

Monday - Run - 3 mi
Tuesday - Beach Body Mommy Cardio (I'm kind of doing her 4.0 program)
Bikini Body Mommy
Wednesday - Run (not sure how long since I'm running with a coworker)
Thursday - Swim (??)
Friday - Run - 3 or 4 miles
Saturday - Long Run (10K)
Sunday - Rest (Mother's Day!)

I'm also doing a plank challenge where I attempt to add 5 seconds each day to my plank time. I'm only up to 50 seconds. I clearly need to work on my core!

I really need to get myself into the pool. My try-a-tri is about a month away and I haven't been swimming since last summer. I'm just so nervous about jumping into a swimming pool and attempting to do laps with other people around. I'm worried that I'm going to do the wrong things or get in people's way. Can I do breaststroke or does it have to be front crawl? Do I need a swim cap or not? So many things go through my head before I attempt to head to the pool that I end up talking myself out of it!

OMG, this picture just brings on the panic!

So, any tips from lap swimming pros on how to approach my first attempt at lap swimming??

I'm linking up for #MotivateMe Monday with Janice at Fitness Cheerleaderr and Rachel at Running Rachel. Check out their fantastic blogs!
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