Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bringing in some strength!

So, I've upped my running, but I'm not losing weight. I love running and I look forward to it, but I understand that I need to add more to routine. Insert strength training here.

I spent some time on the Internet looking at ways to balance running and strength training. Right now, I'm squeezing in my runs. Literally. They're squashed between me getting home from work at 3:45 and the boys getting home from daycare at 5:00. That's my 'me' time 3 times a week (I pick up Tuesday and Thursday).
Love renegade rows!

Once the summer comes, me time is even more squished because the boys are home with me and that lovely 1:15 minute window is gone. I'm actually thinking of taking a week or two to determine the wake-up time of the boys and getting up before them to go run a few times a week so that I can get it in.

I read lots of interesting blog posts and articles about how people are able to fit it all in and I think I've set myself a schedule that I will like and will get me some results.

I'm starting out on a 6-week strength bootcamp that I found on the Women's Health website. I'm going to cut my running down to 3 days, strength 3 days and one day of complete rest. I'm excited because I think it'll help me get my body under control.

The strength workouts aren't too taxing and aren't long enough to take me hours to do. It's a great introduction (and I can do them at home).
Basic Plank
Ahhh...the plank

I'm still going to run, because I do love it and once I get closer to my half marathon, I'll start adjusting my schedule to ensure I can fit in all the runs I need to so that I'm ready to do my best at the half.

If you're interested in joining me, the program starts out fairly easy but I'm pretty sure most of you that read my blog are definitely faster than me and in much better shape!

Here's week #1!

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