Monday, April 13, 2015

My motivation is back!

I had a great week last week with my running. I actually ran 12 miles in a week, which for me is good considering that is the total number of miles I ran in January alone.

As the weather is warming up, my race calendar is picking up as well. My next race is a 10K on April 26th and I'm aiming for a PB in that race so I'm training really hard. Although, I took a look at the route and there is a pretty big hill at one point that I'm not looking forward too. It's not a long hill, but it's significant when I drive it in the car so I'm sure it'll be interesting running it.

I had such a good training run yesterday! I usually hit a mental roadblock just after the 5K distance and my pace usually drops. It happened again and my pace went to 7:28 a kilometer. I wasn't having that for very long so I picked it up when I turned the corner for the stretch home.

So with that, I'm glad to say, MY MOTIVATION IS BACK!


I've determined that other than my long run, I'm not really setting goals for the week. I've found that with the boys it's easier to go with the flow and make sure I eat well and exercise when I get a chance. I'm hoping to get at least 3 runs in, a trip to the pool (finally) and a day or two of weight training. I managed to hit at least 10, 000 steps a day for the entire week (Saturday and Sunday, too) so I'm going to keep it up this week.

I'm linking up with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel for #MotivateMe Monday! Share your plans for the week there too!

A weekly linkup on Mondays for you to share your weekly fitness plans and meal plans #MotivateMe

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