Thursday, April 23, 2015

My goals for Sunday's race

On Sunday, I'm running the Mercedes-Benz 10K in Oakville. The start and finish line is actually at my old high school! I'm really excited by this even though it really has nothing to do with my running!

Anyway, I have two goals for this race.

My main goal is to set a new 10K PR of under 1:08. That was my time from the Island Girl Half Marathon relay and it was a little over 10K because it was half of a half marathon.

My secondary goal (if things start to fall apart) are to have a sub 1:10 time. I think I might be crushed if my time is over 1:10.

The plus side to this race is that I know the course. I haven't run the whole thing (I ran parts when I was dry-land training for skiing in high school), but I know where I'm going and can picture most of it in my head when I look at the map.

mercedes 10k route map

There is one section that has a decent hill going down and then it's flat for about 0.3 kilometer and then there is a decent ascent back up. It's down by the marina in Oakville. This is probably the only section that scares me a bit because I take the boys on drives there in the summer and I know that it's a pretty steep incline.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed because every finisher is entered into a draw to win a new Merecedes-Benz. The only issue is that I have to hang around and wait until it's drawn because you have to present in order to win.

2015 GLA 4matic

Either way, this race kicks off a few longer races. I have another 10K at the end of May, which is a trail race and then I have my try-a-tri and a 15K in June. I'm hoping to get these races off to a good start!

Are you racing this weekend? If so, good luck!
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