Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Oakville 10K recap

I was looking forward to this race, but also quite nervous about it. I wasn't sure if was going to survive the entire 10K. Then I reminded myself that I've done half-marathons and that a 10k isn't too much.

Packet pick-up was available Friday night and Saturday during the day at a local New Balance store. Friday night I was busy, so I decided to go on Saturday once my youngest had gotten up from his nap (my husband and older son were out for the day). We popped in quickly, grabbed the packet and headed out. The shirt is very nice but the best part was definitely the pack of KT Tape!

I packed everything the night before for race day, but was torn about what to wear on top. I went with an Under Armour heat gear shirt, a long sleeved shirt and a running jacket, but I put a t-shirt in my backpack just in case (I'm glad I did).

I left at 7, ate a Luna bar in the car and had a few sips of water and headed to the train station where the shuttle was bringing people to the race site. There were lots of buses so I wasn't left waiting very long.

Appleby College (the start line)

I got to the race site and spent some time inside one of the buildings, then decided to go for a walk to check out how much the school has changed in the past few years. Just a quick back story, I went to high school there, but I also worked at the summer camp there for 10 years so Appleby College holds a lot of special memories for me. I made my way back up to the race area, grabbed a warm cup of apple cider (just to hold), hit up the port-a-potty and then headed to the race corrals. I placed myself at the back of corral C and just before D. The announcer was hilarious which helped the time pass. The first wave (A &B) went of five minutes before our wave so it helped to have a little entertainment.

We started off at 8:20 and it spread out pretty quickly! I found myself having lots of space to run in and not having to zig zag around people. My goal was to stay under 7:00/km for the first 5 km and then be alright with my pace going to 7:15/km.

We ran past all the boats out in the marina!

The race went through a bunch of the side streets and man were there some hills. Nothing horrible, but they were consistent and things that I definitely didn't notice when I drive down there in my car. I'm very proud to say that I ran through all those hills though. I refused to let myself walk even though the big, gradual one at 8k to 10k was a killer. I only walked twice, for about 15 seconds each, to get some water/Gatorade.

I made it up the last big hill, ran through the chute (by myself) and came in with a chip time of 1:10. Not great, but I'll take it.
 photo IMG_2422_zpsp2o0hqyp.jpg
Not a huge fan of my medal, but I'll add it to my collection.

Once I got through the medals and water, I went to grab some food. I stood there for 2-3 minutes and the line-up never moved forward, so I said screw it, grabbed a couple booster juice samples and headed for the shuttles back home.

Overall, it was a great race. I didn't need my music (save for one moment with a foot dragger who drove me crazy), beautiful setting, well organized and good weather! I'll definitely do this one again in the future, but I'll be ready for those hills!
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