Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boston Marathon

I didn't run it (and probably won't for a long time) but I have definitely made it a priority to watch it each year, especially after 2013 and when I started running (which, coincidentally, was also 2013).
Yesterday, the end of the marathon coincided with my lunch and prep time so I was able to live stream it on my iPad. It was really exciting, especially the Elite Women. Watching those two women, side-by-side, give it their complete, absolute all for the last few hundred metres was awe-inspiring.

You know you're a runner   when you find the Boston  Marathon more interesting  than the NBA playoffs.                              -Alfie
So true, at least yesterday.

A much faster running friend once told me that there is nothing like Boston during Marathon weekend. Everything is electric and exciting and so running focused. She recommended I visit during that time. I definitely will, hopefully as a runner, maybe as a fundraising runner though.

I've dedicated this summer to working hard on my running. I've signed up for longer distances and am really gunning for a sub-2:30 half marathon time in the fall (a 9-minute cut back is necessary). Once I reach that, maybe I'll move onto the marathon (finally).

I can only imagine what the city is like during the Marathon at this point, but once day I'll experience it live!

Have you been to the Boston Marathon?
As a runner or a spectator?

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