Thursday, March 5, 2015

Trying my hand at painting!

Tuesday night I decided to branch out and try something I have never tried before!

My friend, Emily, and I went to one of those painting events!

We decided we needed a Mom's Night Out and ended up picking a night where we did a painting of birch trees.

This is what the painting looked like on the website when we signed up:

Birch Tree Forest - original by Cocktails 'n Canvas local artist Kerry Walford

Needless to say, mine doesn't look like that. Let me walk you through the process.

The best part is that you don't need to bring anything. All we brought was our purses (and hats and mitts because it was a snow/ice storm).

We sat down to this:

 photo paint1_zpsythuhdoc.jpg

and I painted this:

 photo paint4_zpsgnhko64g.jpg
Definitely doesn't look like the photo that they used for their promos and I have learned that I am definitely not a painter. My birch trees are a little bit fatter than the original, but my boys think it's amazing!

However, I had an absolute blast doing it. The girl teaching the class was really supportive and helpful. The only thing I wish was that the sample was visible for everyone at all times. It was at a table at the front of the room and it was blocked by a lot of other ladies in the way. It would have been helpful to see what I was supposed to do.

We've decided that this might turn into a monthly thing (or at least a few times a year) because it was so much fun and I really did feel artsy for a bit!

We went through Cocktails 'n' Canvas and I already have my eye on this piece for April:

Whispy Dandelions

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