Thursday, March 12, 2015

One Click Wonder

I'm definitely not a Holly Homemaker.
Chores and cleaning are things that are not done on a schedule but more on an 'as-needed' basis.

The last thing I want to spend my weekends (or even weeknights) doing is cleaning my house. I'd rather be relaxing, doing some crafts, reading, visiting the dentist and getting a root canal. Ok, maybe not the root canal part, but cleaning is not high on my interest list at all.

That being said, we have three people using our bathrooms on a regular basis (soon to be a fourth *fingers crossed for successful potty training*) as well as any guests that might appear at our door. Trying to keep the toilets looking clean and presentable is getting more and more difficult.


In comes, the 'One Click Wonder', Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner! This is my new lifesaver!


With the Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner my toilets stay fresh, clean and safe for an entire week with just one click. The gel is bleach-free, sticks to the wall of the toilet bowl and can be used together with Lysol® Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaners to help fight through tough stains and keep toilets clean and hygienic.

 photo IMG_2179_zpszwfd3skk.jpg

The cute little applicator! No need to touch the toilet bowl with your hands! Just a quick placement of the gel against the bowl and a push on the applicator and it's stuck!

The gels are available in packs of 4 (each lasting 1 week) in Citrus, Lavender and Spring Waterfall scents. I tried out the Lavender scent and my whole bathroom smells fantastic! No need for any other air fresheners and it’s recyclable.

 photo IMG_2180_zpsz656abns.jpg

Stuck against the toilet bowl! Still standing strong three days later!


Check out the Lysol® website to find out more details about the product and to take advantage of the coupon offers available.


Although this post has been generously sponsored by Lysol®, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Lysol®.

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