Monday, March 30, 2015

#MotivateMe - Week #5

Apparently I didn't rest enough on March Break.

Last week, I had zero motivation to do any sort of exercise. Most days it took all my energy to get myself to function after work! Not sure what was going on, but I'm hoping that this week is a little better.

There's no point in recapping last week's exercise, because there wasn't any.

The plan for this week is a little more optimistic.

My main goal for the week is to hit 10,000 steps each day. Plus, I need to continue upping my kilometers so I'm ready for the 10k in a month!

I did my first 5k of the year yesterday (race recap tomorrow) and while I'm not overly sore, there are definitely some parts that are tender, especially the ankle that I rolled walking from the parking lot to the starting line. Today is a rest/laundry day so here's the plan for the rest of the week:

Monday: rest/laundry/bathroom cleaning (exciting stuff)
Tuesday: Run 4 miles on treadmill
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: Rest (maybe a swim)
Friday: Outside run 4 miles
Saturday: Out of town
Sunday: Out of town

We're going to the in-laws for Easter dinner on Saturday and staying over until Sunday. Hopefully, we'll go to the zoo or go for some walks so that I can keep my steps up.

So that's the plan for this week.

I'm linking up with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel for #MotivateMe Monday! Share your plans for the week there too!

A weekly linkup on Mondays for you to share your weekly fitness plans and meal plans #MotivateMe
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