Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Break is coming....

T-minus 3 school days until March Break officially begins.

While I'd enjoy being here...

La Sagesse Beach
I wish!

...that isn't really in the cards this year.

Instead, I'll be relaxing at home.

I'm a mean mom though. The boys are going to be going to daycare. I figure after this year, they'll be home with me for every March Break, so why not take advantage of the spare time I get? They won't be too upset though. They're having a fun week at daycare full of superhero dress-up day, pajama and movie day and green day on St. Patrick's Day. My four year old is completely pumped for next week!

Therefore, I'm pumped too!

I'm going to go shopping (by myself), possibly get my hair cut, do some spring cleaning around the house, do some crafting, hit up the gym during the day instead of trying to squeeze it in after work and definitely take a nap.

how long to nap
A guide to napping!

I admit, I'm going to do some planning for the remainder of the school year as well, but it'll be on my terms and when I get to it as opposed to having to do it.

Maybe in the future some tropical getaways will take place, but for now, I'll take the me time and soak it all up!

Any big plans over the March Break or is it business as usual?

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