Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I've finally decided...

...on my races for this year.
It starts out with the Around the Bay 5K at the end of March. There is a gigantic 30K there too, but I'm good with the 5 and then cheering on a lot of other people that I know both in person and online.

After that, I'm going to do the Oakville 10K race at Appleby College in Oakville. I'm going to be trying to up my distances on a regular basis. It's at the end of April.

I also signed myself up for my very first trail run. I figured it would be a good challenge. I'm going to do the Sulphur Springs 10K trail run on May 23rd. They have lots of different distances, but since it's my first trail run and I have trouble finishing a half marathon on a flat road, 25K didn't seem like a good idea.

June brings my try-a-tri at the Subaru Milton triathon. I'll be swimming in the Kelso Lake, doing a 10K bike ride and then a 2.5K swim. I'm not too concerned about the bike ride and the run, it's the swim that is my concern. As the date gets closer I definitely need to get myself in the pool. Maybe we'll start this week?

July is still up in the air. Not sure if I'm going to do the Eaton Downtown Dash in Burlington again or the Canada Day race again. I kind of like the Downtown Dash because it's in the evening.
August is my next triathlon. I'm doing the IronGirl Sprint Triathlon in Grimsby. This one I'm nervous about. It's a full sprint distance, which means lots of swimming, biking and running. Plus, it's in Lake Ontario, which I'm not a huge fan of swimming in but I'll do it if I need to (and now that I've paid for the race, I need to).

September last year I did the Island Girl relay with a bunch of my coworkers. Not sure if we're doing this one again, but I might sign up for another 5K on another weekend that's a little bit closer to home.

October will be my big race for the season. I'm planning on doing the Niagara Falls Half Marathon. I did it a couple years ago as my first half marathon. I'm love the fact that it's flat (except for one bridge) and that it's pretty much a straight line. There isn't a lot of twists and turns so there isn't a chance to get lost.

December will be the Santa Claus run with my coworkers again.

Image result for santa run burlington

There is one last race that I'm eyeing, which is the Nike Women's 15km run on Toronto Island in June. The only issue is that there is a lottery that I need to put my name into on March 9th and then I'll find out from there whether or not I'm in.

So that's it. A bunch of races that I hope will keep me motivated to run!

Do you plan out your race schedule or do you just fly by the seat of your pants and look for something to enter when you feel like it?
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