Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Woes of Winter Boots

Here is something I've never really thought about too much.

That wearing your winter boots for two straight days can cause an ankle injury.

I do love my boots though.

Alright, so maybe injury is a bit of an exaggeration since I can still do everything I normally do, but there is a soreness in my ankle that wasn't there the other day.

It took me awhile to figure out why my ankle joint was so sore. I figure it came from wearing my heavy winter boots for the two days that I was away at a reading conference I went to.

I was debating which boots to wear actually. I wanted to be practical and wear my big boots because I wasn't sure what condition the streets of Toronto would be in but a part of me wanted to be a bit fashionable as well so I thought about wearing my nicer (lighter) boots.

Should have believed the fashion part of me (never thought I'd say that). Clunking around in my winter boots has left me with a sore ankle. The sidewalks were clear and it wasn't that cold.

Apparently, I need to do some exercises to strengthen my ankles. I hit up Pinterest (of course!) and will add these to my workout routine and my ankles will be in tip top shape to handle next year's fight with the winter boots!

Exercise of the Day: Calf Raises It’s important to strengthen your calves and ankles. We use them everyday when we walk, run, jump or play sports. They improve our mobility and performance. Having...

If anything, my calves might look awesome after all these exercises!

Anyone else have problems with their ankles after wearing boots? (or is this just a me problem)
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