Friday, January 30, 2015

Why I'm doing the Whole 30

Sunday is the start day of my Whole 30 journey.

It will go from February 1st until March 2nd (maybe longer hopefully)

As the beginning of my Whole 30 journey gets closer and closer and I've started mentioning it to people, I've really tried to ask myself why I'm doing this.

If you aren't sure what I'm talking about by the Whole30, it's a way of eating for 30 days that's supposed to reset your body in terms of food and chemical balances. You cut out dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol, legumes and eat a whole lot of veggies, proteins, healthy fats and fruit.

Whole 30 Challenge + Printable Cheat Sheet | Chaos & Love

The basic answer is to help with my weight loss.

I mean, it's pretty simple. If I would eat the way this program is laid out on a regularly basis I'd probably weigh a lot less than I currently do (especially with exercise). But I just can't eat junk food in moderation! I can't stop myself and it's brutal. So, instead of having cheat meals/days or trying to limit my junk, I'm cutting it all out.

This might be the hardest part!

The next answers are a little more in-depth and almost too much information!

First, I've noticed our diet isn't going the way I'd like it too. The boys aren't entertaining the idea of vegetables as well as I'd like so I figured I'd lead by example. That being said, I'm not changing their diet completely. They'll still have their milk, their pasta (good Italian boys) and their chicken nuggets from time to time but I don't think it's fair to force this experience onto them. I'd like them to try some of the veggies and other foods, but just because I can't have an ice cream treat every once in awhile doesn't mean they can't.

Lastly, my gut. There are some days that I'm so bloated and I can't figure out where it comes from. Or I have a horrible stomach for a few days with no real explanation I can think of. With the elimination of a lot of those foods that can cause stomach problems I'm hoping those symptoms will be gone. At the end of the program there is reintroduction of those foods and at that point I'll be able to see what, if anything, is causing the problems.

Acute Abdominal Pain

So my Whole 30 experience starts on February 1st. I'm thinking of keeping a written journal to document what I'm experiencing as I go and that way if I choose to do it again, I can revisit my journal.

Anyone else interested in starting on February 1st?

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