Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our weekend getaway..with the kids!

Earlier this year, we decided that instead of giving our niece and nephew gifts and them giving my boys gifts, that we'd take the opportunity to take them all to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls for a night.

Honestly, it was great family time.

We decided to stay on a Sunday night hoping that the water park wouldn't be as busy and I think that idea turned out well.

The boys had an absolute blast and Andrew, who isn't a huge fan of swimming pools, had a fantastic time! He was usually the first one down the hallway and into the elevator (in fact, one of us usually had to chase him down).

When we got there the Sunday afternoon, the room was already ready (we got the giant 8 person room) so we were able to go right up, settle in and get changed for the water park. Joseph didn't last as long as Andrew, but we were all back up in the room, ready for dinner at 5pm.

We also chose to get the meal plan. We figured we'd 'test' all of the things out this trip and learn for our next trip. I think that we determined we'll stick with the meal plan for now (unless it gets a ton more expensive) because it was nice just being able to get up and go for breakfast in our pjs and not have to bundle the boys up to head out. We'll definitely bring our own snacks next time.

 photo image_zps9zqcbadf.jpeg

The boys weren't able to get onto too many slides, but that didn't stop them We spent lots of time in the Lazy River, the Wave Pool and the little Toddler Pool. Andrew loved climbing the structure and running through the pouring water.

Joseph was more obsessed with the MagiQuest game they had there but we didn't end up playing the game. We told him that next time we go (when he has turned five) he can get a wand then and we'll play the game.

This was one of the best trips I've taken with the boys. They were well behaved, ate well, slept decently well and have a blast. It's definitely becoming an annual event!

Have you ever been to Great Wolf Lodge?
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