Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Christmas of Travels

This is the last year that we are spending the entire holidays traveling around to different places for dinner.
This year alone we're spending a few days at my in-laws (my sister-in-law is having knee surgery so she can't really travel too far), then back to our house, then to my parents' house, then to my aunt's house and finally to my husband's aunt house for a dinner.
I'm hoping that this isn't in store for us with all the driving we have to do!
I'm sure many people would be alright with this, especially when they aren't having to make any dinners or host any people, but call me crazy, I can't wait to start hosting Christmas dinner.
Next year, I'm hoping to host my in-laws at our house and the year after that I'm hoping to host my family and then alternate year after year from there.
I love hosting, decorating and cooking dinner. I rarely even let people bring a dish to help me out. I love the challenge of it as well as the accolades that come from pulling off a dinner of that magnitude!
I've already decided that part of my vacation will be pinning ideas for next year's décor, table settings, menu ideas, etc. Can you tell I'm a little bit pumped for this!?
cake circle placemats
I'd love to create a table for Christmas that looks like this!
This year, to help quell the sadness that comes from not making a dinner, I volunteered to cook the turkey for my staff holiday potluck lunch today. Last night, my kitchen smelled amazing! I'm hoping that it's completely cooked. I've also created a list of goodies and recipes that I want to try over the holiday. It includes butter tarts, chocolate cookie dough truffles, handmade bread and cinnamon rolls. There's also numerous recipes from the Skinnytaste cookbook that I want to try out.
I'm planning on taking pictures of all of the delicious foods from our potluck today and sharing it all with you tomorrow!
Keep your fingers crossed for me that the turkey cooked properly!
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