Friday, November 7, 2014

Putting the focus back on me

I let myself go.

Not sure how it happened, but I let my weight get back up above the 160s after keeping it down for so long.

I guess I just got comfortable and spent more nights sitting on the couch with a tea and a book than out running.

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I knew I had a half marathon coming up in October, so I let myself indulge a bit thinking that training would help to keep the weight off.

Well, I guess when you actually do train, the weight would stay off, but I didn't train.

I went a solid 4 weeks without running.

That's when the weight crept back up.

Now, I'm in a dietbet with a group of online friends and I'm hoping to lose 6 pounds and get back down to 154.

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I've also joined a gym, and while I have yet to go due to a cold and a few busy nights, I'm excited to see what it is going to bring.

My eating is back on track thanks to MyFitnessPal and I'm loving my FitBit.

I'm hoping to get everything back under control before the holidays because we all know what they bring!

Anyone else on a fitness/well-being journey?

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