Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My leave of absence

I've decided to try this blogging thing again.
I miss writing and sharing the interesting things that are happening as I continue to teach Kindergarten, try to lose weight and be an "accomplished" runner (as best I can at my ability level I guess) and to try to be an amazing mother.
I think that this is a great time to hop back into blogging because I can share a lot about what is going on with my family/work/home around the holidays.
However, I think my blog is going to take a bit of a turn. I'm not going to focus on my boys as much. As they are getting older and the web is getting bigger, I think that leaving them out of the blog is a better idea for our family. I will still share pictures from time to time, but the focus will be more on everything going on around us.
Some upcoming posts include:
- decorating for the holidays
- Christmas lists
- our family Advent calendar
- more weight loss and running
- my entrance into the triathlon world
- more cooking/baking and recipe sharing
- ideas from school that you can use to help teach your kids at home
- more crafting!
Like I said, I really missed writing and I hope that you will still come and visit, even though you won't see as many pictures of my adorable boys! I'm hoping that you will still get something out of my site from time to time.

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