Thursday, November 13, 2014

#GIFTSMADEEASY at Shoppers Drug Mart

Now that Hallowe'en is over, I'm so ready for Christmas.
Christmas is by far my favourite holiday. I love the music, the lights, the get-togethers, the colours, almost everything...except shopping.
I'm usually the type of person that puts off my Christmas shopping. I have plans to do it early and I make my lists nice and early (they're already done) and then other things get in the way.
This year, I've vowed to make a change. I'm hoping to get it all done before I go onto my Christmas vacation on the 19th. I want to be able to enjoy my vacation instead of having to run out to the stores to fight everyone else for gifts.
Having two little boys, I could spend hours in the big box stores looking at toys for them. I've found an easier way to get what I want for everyone without making tons of trips to different places.
 photo Logo_zps11719393.png

Shoppers Drug Mart is now one of my go-to Christmas shopping stops! Their holiday campaign, GIFTS MADE EASY has something for every single person on my list!
I have found a few things that will keep my boys happy this holiday.
The first is the Captain America Super Soldier Stealthfire Shield. My older son has just discovered superheroes and this would be the perfect beginning step to his superhero collection and superhero bedroom I am creating for him.
 photo CaptainAmerica_zpsecf72825.png  
The second (also to add to his superheroes) is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Combat Gear. He's learned all about the Ninja Turtles from my nephew and to get a set for both of them would create a ton of fun for when they get together to play.
 photo TMNT_zps30c0a974.png

For my younger son, the B. Wheels cars are right up his alley. He loves rolling cars through the kitchen and any other hard surfaced area. These cars would still be small enough to fit in the garage we have, but he'll still be able to handle them with his developing fine motor skills.
 photo BWheels_Out_zpsf3ef02f9.png
There are also plenty of gifts for my hard to buy for husband (I know lots of ladies say this about their significant others, but it's definitely true of mine) like the Gillette ProGlide Holiday Pack (for any Modern Man) and for my best friend who loves to host dinner parties (The Entertainer) and is known for her famous Christmas Cookie exchange.
Shoppers Drug Mart has made holiday shopping easy this year! They have created an online gift finder where you can filter tons of gift ideas by price, category and the type of person you are buying for making it easy to have an idea in mind when you hit the store! From November 12 to December 25, there are in-store sales, promotions and exclusive holiday gift sets. The best part is that you can collect Shoppers Optimum Points on almost every purchase and most stores are open late!
There are two holiday gift guides set to launch in early November. Look for the "Give Beauty. beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart available now and the "Get Set for the Happiest Holidays!" on November 15th. There are three additional guides coming out at the end of November and December. To get the latest details, follow the hashtag #giftsmadeeasy on Twitter.

Don't miss these two opportunities to win and help with your holiday shopping! The first is Unwrap to Win Game! Each day, between December 1st to the 24th, visit the Shoppers Drug Mart website and play the Unwrap to Win game for a chance to win amazing prizes including fragrances, skin care sets to toys, electronics and gift cards! There are 15 prizes given each day, so 360 in total throughout the month!

The second contest is for those on Twitter! Join the #SDMholidays retweet to win contest for a chance to win 1 of 10, $100 Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards. The contest ends November 21 at 9:00am EST. Imagine how many gifts you could buy with one of those gift cards!

So make sure you visit the Shoppers Drug Mart website to browse through a ton of gift ideas and to enter the game.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Shoppers Drug Mart.
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Putting the focus back on me

I let myself go.

Not sure how it happened, but I let my weight get back up above the 160s after keeping it down for so long.

I guess I just got comfortable and spent more nights sitting on the couch with a tea and a book than out running.

Designer Scandinavian Style Moose Blanket in Grey and White Wool on Leather Sofa with Scandinavian Design book and Pantone Style Mug

I knew I had a half marathon coming up in October, so I let myself indulge a bit thinking that training would help to keep the weight off.

Well, I guess when you actually do train, the weight would stay off, but I didn't train.

I went a solid 4 weeks without running.

That's when the weight crept back up.

Now, I'm in a dietbet with a group of online friends and I'm hoping to lose 6 pounds and get back down to 154.

Music Theory for Electronic Musicians

I've also joined a gym, and while I have yet to go due to a cold and a few busy nights, I'm excited to see what it is going to bring.

My eating is back on track thanks to MyFitnessPal and I'm loving my FitBit.

I'm hoping to get everything back under control before the holidays because we all know what they bring!

Anyone else on a fitness/well-being journey?

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My leave of absence

I've decided to try this blogging thing again.
I miss writing and sharing the interesting things that are happening as I continue to teach Kindergarten, try to lose weight and be an "accomplished" runner (as best I can at my ability level I guess) and to try to be an amazing mother.
I think that this is a great time to hop back into blogging because I can share a lot about what is going on with my family/work/home around the holidays.
However, I think my blog is going to take a bit of a turn. I'm not going to focus on my boys as much. As they are getting older and the web is getting bigger, I think that leaving them out of the blog is a better idea for our family. I will still share pictures from time to time, but the focus will be more on everything going on around us.
Some upcoming posts include:
- decorating for the holidays
- Christmas lists
- our family Advent calendar
- more weight loss and running
- my entrance into the triathlon world
- more cooking/baking and recipe sharing
- ideas from school that you can use to help teach your kids at home
- more crafting!
Like I said, I really missed writing and I hope that you will still come and visit, even though you won't see as many pictures of my adorable boys! I'm hoping that you will still get something out of my site from time to time.

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