Sunday, June 1, 2014

June {aka The Month I get Back in Shape}

I've noticed that I'm a little bit cushier in places that I wasn't so cushy in prior to the winter.

Not happy about that.

I just don't feel great right now either.

It's time to get myself back on track.

 I've already started to get my eating right. I've been tracking in My Fitness Pal everyday for about a week and I do have to say that it is helping me make decisions about whether I'm hungry or just eating because. It's made me stop and think about food a little more (which I'm not a fan of but need to do).

My big sticking point right now is my fitness. The last thing I want to do is go for a run or do any type of working out. I'd rather take a lawn chair, sit in the backyard, read and have some time with the boys. I also have report cards to write which takes up a good chunk of time.

So, I've decided to hop on the every so popular monthly challenges that appear on Facebook and Pinterest. I was going to do a bunch of different ones! However, I found one that covers everything I am looking for. Luckily, my running miles will still be fairly low during this month so it shouldn't interfere with my running.

Here it is:

30 day guns bun abs

Tomorrow I'm going to take a before picture and I'm hoping to see some changes in the after picture!

Are you going to join me in the challenge??

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