Monday, June 9, 2014

Bread and Honey Race 2014

I've decided that this is going to be one of those 'every year races'.

Last year, it kind of sucked. The humidity was insane, I wasn't prepared, my pants were falling down and it just sucked.

This year, I was a seasoned pro!

Ok, maybe not a pro, but I knew the course and had many more races under my belt.

I went and picked up my race kit with the boys on Friday night, got my fancy singlet and my bib. I also got a nice, new water bottle which is now Joseph's and the boys got some cookies. It was slightly chaotic though and I didn't get any safety pins. Luckily, I had some at home.

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I posted my bib number picture to Instagram (not really a concern of it being stolen like the Boston Marathon ones) and came to find out that another local blogger (whose posts are great and race pictures are AMAZING) was going to be there too. I was hoping to finally meet her, but there were lots of people. I caught a glimpse of her, but she was in the corral and I was waiting in the line to get into it (we had to squeeze past the port-a-potty line).

I settled into the middle, started the watch (did it nice and early after the Nike Women's Great Watch Debacle) and was ready for the gun to go off.

My plan was to start off slow because of the hill that nearly killed me last year. I went out with a 6:30 split. Not great, but with the amount of people and the hill, I was okay with it.

Splits were all over from there, but the second one was under 6:00. I finished with an average of 6:14, which makes me happy.

As I was running, I noticed a mother and her daughter. The daughter is on my cross-country team at the school I teach at and the mom is an awesome runner who has run multiple Bostons despite having four little kiddoes age 4 to 8). I ran with them from about the half way point to the end of the race.

My only negative parts were my stupidity in taking Gatorade instead of taking water and I needed a quick :15 walk break at the end before my last big kick.

I pushed myself at the end and came up with a time of 31:25:00!
My new personal best in the 5K!

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The best part was att the end of the race. I ran into one of my students and her family! She and her sister had run the 1K and her older brother and sister ran the 5K. She had a big smile on her face. It was really nice to see and of course I'll be acknowledging it at school this week!

Next up, Green Germann Canada Day 5K where I will run the 5K and Joseph is going to run the 1K kids race! I'm really excited to get him running with me.

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