Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I ran D.C.!

I'm just getting around to writing up my recap of our trip to Washington D.C. and the Nike Women's Half Marathon. Things have been completely crazy. It seems like with the warmer weather, things get crazier and my kids aren't even really involved in any activities yet!

We flew out of Toronto on the Thursday night and got into D.C. around 10:15. We got a cab to the hotel room and literally went to bed. The best part was that we got to sleep in. Or at least lie in bed until whatever time we wanted to! I was up early (7:00ish) just because that's what my body is used to, but I just lay in bed and watched TV until 10. We eventually got up and headed into Georgetown for an early lunch, packet pick-up, 'Expotique' and then go downtown. We ate at Spike Mendelsohn's restaurant Good Stuff Eatery and had an awesome meal!

We headed to Nike Georgetown, where I found my name on the big wall of names!
 photo DSCN5580_zps6807632f.jpg
We then went to the packet pickup which was nice and quick and then to the 'Expotique', which was really nothing. They had a few little things to stop and look at/buy by other than that there was nothing.

We decided to head downtown to check out some of the tourist sites and government buildings. Of course, we got lost, hopped on a Metro bus for free and they took us to one of the underground Metro stations. We figured out how to get a pass and jumped on the Metro to downtown.

Our first stop was the White House.

 photo April25_zps54f11a71.jpg

Then the National Mall, Lincoln Monument and the Washington Monument.

 photo DSCN5616_zpsf2d94525.jpg

The weather looked like it was going to start taking a turn for the worse so after seeing Einstein and the Vietnam Memorial, we went into the Natural History Museum and then to the Air and Space Museum.

We headed back to the hotel early, ate in the hotel restaurant and got into bed at 8:00! We watched the Raptors game and just relaxed. It was absolutely amazing. Probably the best part! There were no kids screaming, crying, waking us up at 1 am.

Saturday, we headed to a Washington Nationals game. I figured that a lot of walking wasn't a good thing, but we didn't want to be stuck inside all day. We're both big baseball fans as well, so the Nats game fit the bill! We saw an awesome game (perfect until the 6th, an eventual complete game). We also saw some giant presidents.
 photo DSCN5642_zpsc97fe655.jpg 

 photo DSCN5656_zps2b54bd02.jpg

Sunday was the race. Ridiculous, is the only word for it. I got up at 5:30, had some oatmeal that I'd bought the day before and made it with the coffee maker. I headed to the Metro along with a bunch of the other runners in my hotel and hung around at the start line trying to find my friend Lisa. I finally found her about 15 minutes before the first corral left. We were in the last corral.

This race was literally an epic fail (I hate that term, and never use it, so the race must have been horrible!). First, my Garmin never turned over. The bar was full, but I wasn't able to click Start until I was about 2 km. It also refused to work in the tunnel. Also, my iPod (which I charged before I left) was dead so no music. There was some entertainment along the way, but not enough to get me out of my head and distracted.

Despite avoiding water before the race to avoid bathroom stops, I ended up having to stop about 4 miles in. I waited 10-15 minutes for a rest stop. Not sure how long, because my watch wasn't working properly. At that point, I said screw it.

I had to bob and weave my way around a whole lot of people who weren't really runners but had signed up for the race. It was kind of a mess.

My time was brutal. 2:57:01. I was hoping to better my previous time of 2:39 but clearly that didn't happen. I'm hoping to redeem myself at the Scotiabank 1/2 Marathon in October.

I did it (my new motto) and I did receive my Tiffany's necklace, but I'll most likely not do another Nike race. There was too many people, to many issues with my run and too much craziness! However, I can never say never (my mom always used to say that)!

Amy Riley's photo.

I finished the race, went back to the hotel, showered and then we headed to the airport. I couldn't wait to see my munchkins. They'd had a great weekend with their grandparents but we're happy to see us and we were happy to see them.

I like the run-cation, but maybe a smaller race!

Have you ever done a run-cation??
How did you do?
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