Friday, May 2, 2014

Project 365 - Week #17

I'm really late with these pictures. The Husband and I went on a weekend trip to Washington so life this week (and last week) has been ridiculously crazy! Here are the pictures from April 18th - 24th. I'll be putting up this week's pictures either tonight or tomorrow! Then, I'll be back to blogging next week. I can't wait to share my trip to Washington D.C. with you, my new running plans as well as what I've been up to with work and my crafts! I'm excited to be back!

{Day 108 - April 18}

At day at the zoo, just hanging around!
 photo April18_zps5a6ac739.jpg

{Day 109 - April 19)

Hanging out in the hottub!
 photo April19_zps7915f96c.jpg

{Day 110 - April 20}

Watching the birds with the doggy!
 photo April20_zpseedd1fda.jpg

{Day 111 - April 21}

His Easter eggs made by Grandma and his cousin
\  photo April21_zpsc9e7aca7.jpg

{Day 112 - April 22}

Easter candy leftovers
 photo April22_zps20640416.jpg

{Day 113 - April 23}

Race car!
 photo April23_zps4c355429.jpg

{Day 114 - April 24}

Waiting for our flight in Toronto!
 photo April24_zpsc1b0095b.jpg

Once again I'm linking up with Nurse Loves Farmer, Simply Stavish and Behind the Camera and Dreaming to share my Project 365 pictures from the week. While you are visiting their sites, check out some of the other blogs' Project 365 pictures as well.
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