Tuesday, May 27, 2014

22 Days!

22 days to freedom!


Ok, so not exactly total freedom.

22 days from now, I will be saying "Have fun in Grade 1" to my Senior Kinders and "See you in September" to my Junior Kinders. After that, my life returns its focus to my two favourite little people:

 photo May6_zps0e378524.jpg
I'm starting a new Pinterest board tonight called 'Summer with Da Boyz'. Essentially, this is going to be my bucket list of things I want to do with the boys throughout the 9 weeks I have them home.

I also can't wait to get back to being crafty and having time and energy to do the things that I want to do as opposed to being so tired at the end of the day that I either go to bed early or just veg out on the couch.

We are planning a couple trips to cottages and there might be a quick trip to Arizona with the boys, but I'm still undecided about that.

What about you?

Do you have any great summer plans?

Are you looking forward to your kiddos being home or are you dreading it?

Sun Wearing Sunglasses

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Monday, May 26, 2014

My Poor Hair!

 I have to say it.
I've never, ever been a fan of my hair.
 photo DSC_0446_zps529dc992.jpg
It's curly and in any little bit of humidity, it gets frizzy.
I've always, always, always wanted long, straight hair. In order to get this without spending $300 on chemical straightening, I've spent a lot of time with my hair dryer and straightener. Lots of time.
My hair has also been a mess since I had the boys. I've got lots of little pieces that break off easily and add a little halo of curls around my head.
I could go on and on and on.
Instead, I've decided to embrace the curl a little bit and try to work with it. That means that I need to find a way to make my hair nice and smooth and healthy again after the horribly hot treatments I put it through.
I've found the solution:
After a good, sweaty run and a very humid day, I tried out three of the products in the Damage Eraser line, which is specifically made for dry and damaged hair. I used the Fortifying Shampoo, the Repairing Conditioner and the Repairing Mask. First things first, the products smell delicious! I kept taking deep breaths in so that I could smell the deliciousness!
The shampoo and conditioner were great but my favourite part was definitely the Repairing Mask. I love how it coated my hair (and again, the smell). After rinsing it off and drying it, my hair felt so nice and soft and I didn't have the crazy little curls at the top of my head!
These products are ideal for all of my other Hair Damage Criminals (those of us who fight extremely hard when someone tries to take our hair dryer or straightener away)! This Fructis Damage Eraser line has the ability to reconstruct the strength of your hair to 90% from root to tip, so your hair dryers and straighteners can stay.
Do you want to try these products for yourself? Quickly, head on over to the Garnier website, check out the products and take a look at the limited time trial offers available!
This post was brought to you by Garnier L'Oreal Canada via SheBlogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Garnier L'Oreal Canada.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Project 365 - Week #20

I'm catching up! I'll actually be on time this week! Here are the pictures from May 9 to May 15!

{Day 129 - May 9}

Andrew's Oven Mitt gift

 photo May9_zps4b27e896.jpg

{Day 130 - May 10}

Joseph's Mother's Day survey

 photo May10_zps9c69fc93.jpg

{Day 131 - May 11}

Joseph's Mother's Day card

 photo DSCN5730_zps5394e31f.jpg

{Day 132 - May 12}

New pjs and new shoes

 photo May12_zps5b8bcce7.jpg

{Day 133 - May 13}

More playhouse!

 photo May13_zps93bc2b5e.jpg

{Day 134 - May 14}

A little boy, his dog and his juicebox

 photo May14_zpseec5e1c9.jpg

{Day 135 - May 15}

Lying on the floor while watching TV

 photo May15_zps4c801661.jpg

Once again I'm linking up with Nurse Loves Farmer, Simply Stavish and Behind the Camera and Dreaming to share my Project 365 pictures from the week. While you are visiting their sites, check out some of the other blogs' Project 365 pictures as well.

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Project 365 - Week #19

{Day 122 - May 2}

Time for the playhouse!

 photo May2_zps75f85bea.jpg

{Day 123 - May 3}

First dentist visit!
 photo May3_zpsa5bd3e5a.jpg

{Day 124 - May 4}

Some new baseball pjs!
 photo May4_zps473659c5.jpg

{Day 125 - May 5}

Practising his swing!
 photo May5_zpsb0843de7.jpg

{Day 126 - May 6}

A little brotherly love
 photo May6_zps0e378524.jpg

{Day 127 - May 7}

Making friends with the ants
 photo May7_zpsef8c5c5c.jpg

{Day 128 - May 8}

Painting rocks for Grandma and Grandmom

 photo May8_zps1b67e80f.jpg

 Once again I'm linking up with Nurse Loves Farmer, Simply Stavish and Behind the Camera and Dreaming to share my Project 365 pictures from the week. While you are visiting their sites, check out some of the other blogs' Project 365 pictures as well.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I did it!

I'm created a new motto for myself. Three simple words but they help so much!

I did it!

There are so many times that I have been running and what seems like dragging and I just tell myself that if I keep going, I can say that 'I did it'.

I found myself saying it tons during my training for and running of the Nike Women's Half. It was just an all-around horrible training season and run that I really had to fight through. I knew that when I finished the race I could say that 'I did it' and that it was a great experience.

There are so many times that I want to just sit on the couch and watch TV, but I know that if I get up and run I can say that 'I did it'.

I've set three goals for my running this year and that will definitely make the motto of 'I did it' completely true.

The first goal, which is the big one is to break through the 30 minute 5K barrier. I'm hoping to reach this point by the end of the year. With the two sub-6:00 kilometres that I had during a recent run, I think I might be getting closer. I just need to keep pushing myself to that point until I reach it.

The second goal is to get (and keep) my 10k time is below 1 hour 15 minutes. I'm hoping that I can pull my weight at the half marathon relay in September.

The last goal is to get under 2 hours and 30 minutes at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I'm hoping that having the lovely weather outside will make it a much more pleasurable training experience compared to trying to run in a polar vortex.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K

You can definitely bet that once I reach each of these goals (and I will!) that I'll be shouting out 'I DID IT!"

Do you have a favourite saying?

Any big goals for the remainder of the year? 

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Mother's Day!

I was spoiled on Mother's Day!

Both boys made me lovely gifts from daycare!

Joseph made me a beautiful card with a really cute questionnaire. I also got a book mark that he made me, which is fantastic because I always just use receipts or other random paper for bookmarks. It has a really cute Hello Kitty sticker and of course the tear-jerking 'I'll Love You Forever" poem from The infamous book. I might have teared up reading it.

The questionnaire definitely had me laughing. I love his answers and you can see his thinking as he goes along. Fish sticks are his favourite and it's supposed to be French fries. I love the thoughts of three year olds.
 photo DSCN5730_zps5394e31f.jpg

 photo DSCN5731_zps16c023f4.jpg

Andrew made me a beautiful card. He coloured a piece of paper and the teachers cut it out into a pot shape. I love the fake flowers they put on. It makes it more interesting, even though Andrew just wanted to pull them off.

 photo DSCN5727_zpsa119060f.jpg

 photo DSCN5728_zps57de3c47.jpg

He also made me an oven mitt with his little handprints in them. I'm in the market for new oven mitts but this is not going to be used. I'm amazed at how they are able to get perfect little handprints. When I do them at home they are always smudged or missing fingers. These are amazing little prints.

 photo DSCN5729_zps22bfe377.jpg
We had a lovely brunch on Sunday morning at my dad's golf club. Each mother was given a little flower. Joseph told me I had to have the pink one. I ate a ton of food. Literally a ton! I had four mini waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, definitely a favourite of mine. I also had smoked salmon, stuffing, turkey, salad and some bacon and sausage. Brunch is awesome because it is the best of both worlds! You can have stuffing and bacon at the same meal!

 photo DSCN5732_zps52f2919e.jpg

Afterwards, The Husband took Joseph grocery shopping while Andrew napped so I got some quiet time. Then I was able to go for a run and meet the boys at the park to play for a bit. Then it was dinner, bath time and bedtime and both boys went down easily!

All in all, it was a fantastic day. I got to spend the day with all of my favourite people and do some of my favourite things. What more could I have asked for?

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Races for 2014 {finally}!

I realize that it's already the middle of May, but I finally decided on my races for the summer/fall. I'm doing one a month until October. After that we'll see what's on tap.

So far this year, I ran the Frosty 5k and had a decent time. I've also already completed the Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC. I figured that my legs would be a disaster after the Half Marathon, but my ridiculously slow pace has saved my legs (if you want to look at it that way).

I've decided to run the Bread and Honey Festival 5K again this year. The hill, the humidity and my lack of preparation really kicked my butt last year, but this year I'm completely ready. Honestly, the only part of the race that I can picture is the hill. I'm going to master that hill. I've already thought about going and running it a couple times before the race (it's pretty close by). The race is on June 8 (one day after my birthday) and then afterwards we'll go visit the Bread and Honey Festival with all of the rides and activities. I'm pretty excited!

In July, I'm going to be running the Green Germann Sakran Canada Day 5k! I'm also going to be signing up Joseph for the 1K race! He's pretty excited about it. We even did some "training" today at the park. It's another 5K, which is great because we'll be heading to our annual RibFest BBQ at a friends house. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Running and then some beers! I'm also excited for a medal with a maple leaf on it!

In August, I'll be doing the Midsummer Night's Run again in Toronto. It was by far one of my most difficult races last year but I loved it and had a ton of fun with my friend , Lisa (she talked me into it). This is going to be my fundraising race so. I'm hoping to raise at least $300 for Sick Kids Hospital.

race website

I'm really excited for my September race! A whole bunch of my coworkers are heading to the Island to participate in the Island Girl Half Marathon relay and 5k! I'm hoping it'll be a nice day because it'll be a blast spending the day on the Island with them. I love that I was included in this because even though I've been in the school for a year, I'm still getting to know people. My running partner is amazing and I'm definitely going to need some work to keep up with her and make sure that I don't hold our time back!

Island Girl 2014 Logo
My next half marathon is in October. I'm going to be doing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (well, the half marathon). I figured a run closer to home would be better for my fall 1/2 since we went so far away for my spring half marathon. This one I can drive to (or take public transit) and get there easily. Plus, Lisa (mentioned above) is running it with her group of running friends and has kindly extended the invitation for me to join them for the race (of course, they'll all take off, but you know)! I'm hoping to get my 1/2 time back down to around 2:30 (as opposed to 3 hours).

Once those are done, I'll know what my plans are for the spring. I'm partially hoping to go run the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in Phoenix in January but I'm also looking at the Phoenix Marathon (again, just the 1/2). For now, I'm content with these races. I think they're enough to keep my motivation up, but spread out enough to not stress out the The Husband too much.

Check back for these updates as the months tick by!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

mother's day gift

I hope you have a great one (and if you aren't a Mom, I hope you spoil yours)!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I ran D.C.!

I'm just getting around to writing up my recap of our trip to Washington D.C. and the Nike Women's Half Marathon. Things have been completely crazy. It seems like with the warmer weather, things get crazier and my kids aren't even really involved in any activities yet!

We flew out of Toronto on the Thursday night and got into D.C. around 10:15. We got a cab to the hotel room and literally went to bed. The best part was that we got to sleep in. Or at least lie in bed until whatever time we wanted to! I was up early (7:00ish) just because that's what my body is used to, but I just lay in bed and watched TV until 10. We eventually got up and headed into Georgetown for an early lunch, packet pick-up, 'Expotique' and then go downtown. We ate at Spike Mendelsohn's restaurant Good Stuff Eatery and had an awesome meal!

We headed to Nike Georgetown, where I found my name on the big wall of names!
 photo DSCN5580_zps6807632f.jpg
We then went to the packet pickup which was nice and quick and then to the 'Expotique', which was really nothing. They had a few little things to stop and look at/buy by other than that there was nothing.

We decided to head downtown to check out some of the tourist sites and government buildings. Of course, we got lost, hopped on a Metro bus for free and they took us to one of the underground Metro stations. We figured out how to get a pass and jumped on the Metro to downtown.

Our first stop was the White House.

 photo April25_zps54f11a71.jpg

Then the National Mall, Lincoln Monument and the Washington Monument.

 photo DSCN5616_zpsf2d94525.jpg

The weather looked like it was going to start taking a turn for the worse so after seeing Einstein and the Vietnam Memorial, we went into the Natural History Museum and then to the Air and Space Museum.

We headed back to the hotel early, ate in the hotel restaurant and got into bed at 8:00! We watched the Raptors game and just relaxed. It was absolutely amazing. Probably the best part! There were no kids screaming, crying, waking us up at 1 am.

Saturday, we headed to a Washington Nationals game. I figured that a lot of walking wasn't a good thing, but we didn't want to be stuck inside all day. We're both big baseball fans as well, so the Nats game fit the bill! We saw an awesome game (perfect until the 6th, an eventual complete game). We also saw some giant presidents.
 photo DSCN5642_zpsc97fe655.jpg 

 photo DSCN5656_zps2b54bd02.jpg

Sunday was the race. Ridiculous, is the only word for it. I got up at 5:30, had some oatmeal that I'd bought the day before and made it with the coffee maker. I headed to the Metro along with a bunch of the other runners in my hotel and hung around at the start line trying to find my friend Lisa. I finally found her about 15 minutes before the first corral left. We were in the last corral.

This race was literally an epic fail (I hate that term, and never use it, so the race must have been horrible!). First, my Garmin never turned over. The bar was full, but I wasn't able to click Start until I was about 2 km. It also refused to work in the tunnel. Also, my iPod (which I charged before I left) was dead so no music. There was some entertainment along the way, but not enough to get me out of my head and distracted.

Despite avoiding water before the race to avoid bathroom stops, I ended up having to stop about 4 miles in. I waited 10-15 minutes for a rest stop. Not sure how long, because my watch wasn't working properly. At that point, I said screw it.

I had to bob and weave my way around a whole lot of people who weren't really runners but had signed up for the race. It was kind of a mess.

My time was brutal. 2:57:01. I was hoping to better my previous time of 2:39 but clearly that didn't happen. I'm hoping to redeem myself at the Scotiabank 1/2 Marathon in October.

I did it (my new motto) and I did receive my Tiffany's necklace, but I'll most likely not do another Nike race. There was too many people, to many issues with my run and too much craziness! However, I can never say never (my mom always used to say that)!

Amy Riley's photo.

I finished the race, went back to the hotel, showered and then we headed to the airport. I couldn't wait to see my munchkins. They'd had a great weekend with their grandparents but we're happy to see us and we were happy to see them.

I like the run-cation, but maybe a smaller race!

Have you ever done a run-cation??
How did you do?
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