Monday, April 7, 2014

Want to be knocked off your feet?

Try dealing with a sinus infection and the flu at the same time. It literally wiped me right out to the point that I spent the majority of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on the couch.

It started over a week ago Thursday, with horrible sinus headaches. I just figured it had to do with the rain that was coming since the seasons are changing and I am one to feel the pressure changes in my cheek (I was hit with a softball in the cheek and the pressure really affects it) and forehead. I figured that's what it was. Things got worse Saturday evening, but I put it aside since my parents came for dinner.

Sunday, I was struggling to stand up and give the boys breakfast! Since it's my morning to wake up with them, I suffered through until The Husband came down. At that point, I settled into the couch. I battled a fever for a good chunk of the day, but still managed to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, grocery shop and make pizza dough for dinner.

Monday morning came and it was even worse than Sunday. I stayed home from work but quickly got a call from daycare letting us know that Joseph had a swollen spot on his neck and he needed to get picked up and taken to the doctor. Luckily, our doctor dose walk-ins on Mondays so we both got checked out and we both ended up with medication. Yay.
Since he couldn't go back to daycare on Tuesday and I was still ridiculously sick, The Husband stayed home with both boys and I remained couch ridden.

I went back to work Wednesday, but I probably could have stayed off for the week. I'm still not 100% better and I'm fighting off the sinus infection part of it. Hopefully it goes soon.

The toughest part is my lack of running. At this point, all of my #werundc is quickly turning into #wewalkdcbriskly.

I still haven't done a long run. The longest has been 7 miles.

Honestly, I'm frustrated.

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