Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Boston Marathon thoughts

Everyone is posting their thoughts about the Boston Marathon.

I love that I got to be at home to watch it and that my boys were willing to give a bit of time to watch the beginning. I taped it because we headed out to the park and was able to watch the remainder later on in the afternoon. 

It was amazing! I honestly never thought I would enjoy watching marathon racing as much as I do! It's amazing to see how fast the men and women go! They fly compared to my ridiculously slow times. My mouth would drop open every time they announced the mile/kilometre splits. Crazy!

Boston is on my running bucket list. Wayyyy down deep in the bucket. At this point I've done one half marathon (soon to be two) and I have a hard enough time squeezing in my long runs for that!

My Boston Qualification time right now is 3 hours 35 minutes. Yikes! I don't think I can run that far that fast!

The great thing is that I think the running bug has hit me early enough in my life that I will one day make it there. It might not be until I'm 50 with grand kids, but I will get there. 

I do hope to complete a marathon in the near future (within 5 years) but now just isn't the time. The boys are still young and full of energy and fun which is something I don't really want to miss. They still enjoy me being around and miss me when I'm gone (even if it's only a quick trip to the bathroom)! 

I know there will be a time when they'll be old enough to not need me as much and that will be my time to focus on me more and really push myself towards my goals.

Right now, family is most important, but I still have that lovely blue and yellow jacket in the back of my mind!


Congratulations to those of you that ran and those of you that watched.

You really proved that Boston is strong!
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