Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Aveeno® Baby® Lotion and Wash/Shampoo

As you know, we've had our share of skin problems with Joseph. His eczema seems to be really bad during the summer (hot temperatures) and winter (extreme cold temperatures). We're constantly lathering him up with some sort of cream, whether his steroid cream or something else.

Now, the lovely skin problems have started with Andrew. We just got him some steroid cream, but he's so little that I'm going to try avoiding putting it on him as much as I can. I rarely follow the prescribed 2 weeks with Joseph and just do it until the bad patches clear up or he stops scratching. It's usually 3 or 4 days at most. That's the plan we'll follow with Andrew too.

In between outbreaks, we use Aveeno® Baby® Lotion. I've found that it keeps them well moisturized without leaving them slippery or sticky. I like too that there isn't a fragrance with it so they don't smell and the daycare can use it without worrying about allergies to scents.

Aveeno Baby Daily Lotion (227 ml )

We also use Aveeno®  Baby® Wash and Shampoo to wash the boys during bath time. I like that the wash and the shampoo are in the same bottle so there isn't a lot of fumbling around while trying to wash the boys. Again, with Joseph's crazy eczema, we try to use very gentle body wash so that there is less of a reaction.

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You can click on the product names above to find out more information or follow the Aveeno conversation on Twitter using #AveenoBabies.

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