Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Boys!

I realize I haven't shared a lot about the boys lately!

Joseph is crazy! I must say that I'm not a huge fan of three year olds. They are mini-teenagers. Crazy, moody, bipolar. It's insane. One minute he's happy, then he's giving me attitude and saying 'no', then he's bouncing off the walls! Potty training went amazingly well and we're down to one kid in diapers!

We're still dealing with his eczema, but it's definitely getting better now that the weather is getting warmer. We've determined that it's really reliant on the temperature. The colder it is, the worse the eczema on his face. We'll see what happens when it starts to get hot. That's when we first noticed the patches so hopefully we'll catch it before it gets really bad this time.

 photo March8_zps2c443945.jpg
He absolutely loves cooking and helping out in the kitchen. He's picking this up but he still needs a thousand reminders to not touch the hot pot or the knife.

Right now he's taking swimming lessons and can't wait for Thursday every week so that he can jump right in. He also did skating lessons for a about 8 weeks that didn't go as well as swimming, but he did learn a thing or two and was 'skating' by himself by the end of it.

 photo January4_zps650595fa.jpg
He's also Ninja Turtle's obsessed right now. He's only watched the show once or twice at our house, but it's definitely at treat at Grandmom and Grandad's. My nephew is really into it, so Joseph has grown to love it too. He tries to wear Ninja Turtles pyjamas to bed every night (we have three sets) and is actually disappointed when he doesn't get them.

 photo January30_zps1bcbe5be.jpg
I am amazed everyday by how much he knows and he's just figuring out more and more things on a daily basis. He's really curious and loves asking questions.

Andrew is almost 18 months already! I can't believe how fast time is flying. He's finally moving to the toddler room at the beginning of April. I've had some concerns about his speech being behind, especially because he did everything else early, but he seems he's starting to pick it up now and is starting to make sounds. Right now he's got about 6 or 7 'words' but they're all just sounds that he repeats (dada, mama, dodo, ba, mo, papa). He also loves showing people where his nose is by sticking his finger up it and can make many animals sounds (monkey, dog, cat, etc.)

 photo February21_zps301ac8be.jpg
He's still obsessed with Lightning McQueen. We have enough Cars shirts that he wears one almost every single day and laughs as soon as he sees it when he's getting dressed in the morning. His second birthday party is definitely going to be Cars themed.

 photo February16_zpsd7555137.jpg
He is a fantastic sleeper at night and is turning into a better napper, but still struggles. He eats like he's never seen food before and most daycare reports tell us that he's eaten two or three bowls of food at lunch. He loves being outside and we've recently discovered that he's left handed for most things. I know it can still switch, but we aren't too sure if it will or not and neither The Husband nor I are left handed. Luckily, we have some good friends and family that are left handed so they'll be able to help!

Like I said before, I can't believe how fast time is going. In a blink of an eye, Joseph will be heading off to Kindergarten! I can't wait to see what comes with these two little boys running around!

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