Friday, March 28, 2014

Project 365 - Week #13

The boys had a great week and I managed to get a lot of pictures!

{Day 80 - March 21}

Getting angry at the train table
 photo March21_zpsbfe79c04.jpg

{Day 81 - March 22}

Getting into trouble
 photo March22_zpsa6adaa99.jpg

{Day 82 - March 23}

Construction work
 photo March23_zps16f88f48.jpg

{Day 83 - March 24}

YouTube before school
 photo March24_zps09ae4822.jpg

{Day 84 - March 25}

Learning how to play SNAP!
 photo March25_zps35199f9e.jpg

{Day 85 - March 26}

Funny faces
 photo March26_zps2aed55db.jpg

{Day 86 - March 27}

Booster seat? Who needs a booster seat! Not me!

 photo March27_zps2aa928ef.jpg
Once again I'm linking up with Nurse Loves Farmer, Simply Stavish and Behind the Camera and Dreaming to share my Project 365 pictures from the week. While you are visiting their sites, check out some of the other blogs' Project 365 pictures as well.

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