Monday, March 24, 2014

Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon Training - Week #7

Here's my broken record post about my training for the race.

Definitely didn't run as much as I wanted to.

Monday, I managed to get to the gym after school and do 4.6 miles on the treadmill. The weather was freezing again so the treadmill was great. I'm always amazed at how much I sweat when I'm on the treadmill compared to outside, but I think it's because I have so many layers to absorb everything! I felt good and rushed home to spend the evening with the boys.

Tuesday night was my last hockey game for the season. I put forth all my effort (even at 10:30 at night) and tried really hard to get a workout out of it. I did that but also got beat up in the process by old ladies who were cross checking me in the back. Since the game wasn't until 10:30, I didn't sleep until about 12:30 - 1am.

What I felt like after the game

Wednesday, I was exhausted. Ridiculously exhausted. I think hockey and being back to work wiped me out!

Thursday, I was sick. I had a headache all day long and just couldn't muster the energy to go. I went to bed early and called it a day!

Friday, I went to the gym at 8:45. I squeezed in a 4.35 mile run while watching these two ladies try to figure out all of the different machines. It was quite comical to watch (they were laughing too). That run felt great, but I knew that The Husband wanted to go for a run too, so while I would have kept going, I needed to get home.

I've determined that long runs are not going to happen on weekends. With the boys being up and around most of the day, it's impossible to go for too long. Therefore, my Monday nights are now dedicated to long runs unless the boys nap at the same time on the weekend. I don't really know any other way to do it right now. I can't wait until they're bigger so I can disappear for awhile and not feel horribly guilty.

Only 33 days left to go! I'm getting excited (but nervous!)!!

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