Monday, March 3, 2014

Frosty 5K Race Recap

I know I usually update my half marathon training on Mondays, but we all know how that has been going (stupid cold temperatures and being sick).

Instead, I'm going to share my race from yesterday!

I knew going into this race it was going to be slightly miserable. The temperatures were projected to be -8 Celcius with a -20 degree windchill. Then it snowed for a good chunk of time on Saturday night making things a little bit more miserable than planned.

I left the house at 8:30, got to the city where the race was being held by 9:15. I found some parking and sat in my car trying to stay warm and got ready until 9:30. Then I headed out to the starting line (with a brief stop in Subway to use the bathroom and warm up a bit again). Glad I was listening to the intros, etc. because I found out that the 5K started in a different place than the half marathon. Luckily, I had enough time to get down to that start line and find an place inside to warm up a little more.

It took me some time to understand completely what was going on with the routes, but once we started running, I figured it all out.

My goal was to be under 35:00.

Things started out well, but cold. I couldn't feel all of my toes until about 2km in. At that point, my breathing kind of tanked a bit because I left my puffer at home (duh!). I slowly got it back under control and was good.

 I made it to the turn-around and a couple minutes after the turn around, I saw the first half marathon guy come pounding down the sidewalk. Kind of crazy how fast they move. I completely thought that they were almost going to catch up, but then realized they had to go further down the street to get to their turn around.

At 4.5 km, I was busy looking at the half marathon people, wasn't watching the road and rolled my ankle into a split in the road. I stayed on my feet, but my ankle was definitely sore. I dragged myself around the last corner, saw the finish line and attempted a push to the finish.

Not much of a push, but I did finish in 32:30, which is my 2nd best 5K time thus far.

 photo DSCN5416_zps69ee7317.jpg
Sorry about the crappy picture but I tried with the flash and it was just too bright!

I grabbed a juice box, banana, yogurt covered pretzels and some water and walked straight back to my car. I blasted the heat, stopped to get a hot chocolate and headed home.

I'm amazed at how well this first race of the season went. I totally beat my goal of 35:00 and I think I'm setting myself up nicely to eventually beat 30:00 at some point this season.

What did you do this weekend?

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