Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why I won't watch the Biggest Loser again!

I honestly can't get enough of reality shows. For some reason, they're just really good at sucking me in. Not sure why.

Anyway, one of the ones I love is The Biggest Loser. I love watching how hard the contestants work to really change themselves. I completely eat up the trainers kicking their butts and the challenges are great. Not a huge fan of all the product placement, but hey, we can't have everything and they need to make money, right?

This past season was exactly like all the others until it came to the finale.

There were three contestants vying for the grand prize as well as the rest of the contestants lusting after the at home prize.

The girl that won the at home prize looked amazing. Thin but muscular and toned. I'd say she looked perfect! Many of the other contestants looked great with at few that definitely didn't cling to The Biggest Loser program as much as others once they left the ranch.

The three 'ranch' contestants gave themselves over completely to the program on the ranch. So much so that they all looked underweight and, in my poisoning gross at the finale. They had all taken it too far.

The one that stood out the most though was Rachel. She has lost wayyyy to much weight and was scary looking. You'd probably never be able to guess her age because her skin was hanging off her face and she looked like a skeleton! In the end, she lost the most percentage of body weight and was awarded the grand prize.
Rachel Fredrickson at The Biggest Loser finale

I didn't agree in the slightest with her winning until I began to really think about it. She (and the other two contestants) totally went too far in pursuit of a prize. But, she knew she had to go big or she wasn't going to win. 

I wish there wasn't as much emphasis on losing the most weight in order to win the prize. The focus should be on being healthy. Granted we don't know what she's going to do now that she's won. Maybe it was all done to win and she'll get back to a healthy weight for her height. I really hope so. I was really rooting for her this season and it made me so sad when she walked out.

While I will probably watch the show again, I'm glad I it's on later in the night so that my boys will rarely see what people are willing to do for some money.

Who am I kidding, they won't watch it with me! Leaving me to curl upon the couch with my bowl of chips!

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