Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I love my shoes!

I finally broke the 200 mile mark in my running shoes! I probably hit it a little bit ago because I didn't always have my Garmin watch but using my watch to track I hit the 200 mile mark yesterday when I did my 4 mile run.

On one point, it's exciting because I've run that much! However, it's also sad because it means that another 100-200 miles I'll be retiring them!

IMG_20130112_175533_zpsfc0ed6b6 photo IMG_20130112_175533_zpsfc0ed6b6.jpg
It seems kind of funny to be so attached to a pair of running shoes, but essentially they started this journey with me! I had barely ever run until I bought the shoes so they literally started my running career with me!

I was smart and bought a second pair of the same brand/type for when these ones run out because I enjoyed this pair so much!

I've never been one to be so attached to something but I'm actually dreading the day I need to wear the new pair. They aren't the bright pink these one are. I love that my feet stand out!

If you are new to running, make sure you go to an expert to choose the right shoes! I don't think I would have done as well as I have if it wasn't for my shoes.

Are you attached to your running shoes??
Or some other type of possession?
What do you do with your running shoes when you retire them?

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