Monday, February 3, 2014

Head games!

Last week I wrote about how my half marathon training had fallen off the tracks since I hadn't run in so long and that I wasn't sure I enjoyed running anymore.

Well, that's all changed!

On Friday, the stars must have aligned. The Husband picked up the boys from daycare, the weather was nice, the sidewalks were mostly cleaned and my Garmin and iPod were completely charged! I got home, changed into my running clothes and took off out the door within 10 minutes of walking in it!

I just did a 4 km run around the 'block' (a square that I normally do). I tried to really push myself for the first two kilometers, which probably isn't a huge push to most people, but considering I hadn't run for over 20 days, it was a push. I managed to keep the first two kilometers under 6:30 and then I set a goal to keep the second two under 7. It worked and I ran 4km in 27:00. Not my greatest, but my head felt like it was in a much better place!

Keep Running During Snow Season Step 2.jpg
What I looked like!

I was worried at one point where the sidewalk had some areas with lots of snow and for good reason. I ended up rolling my ankle. I managed to keep running, but it definitely made it a little more difficult.

Either way, I did it. I survived and I'm in a much better place with my running than I previously was.

I wasn't able to run anymore this weekend (snowstorm Saturday and busy/snowy sidewalks on Sunday). I will be out today though!

Now, I need to figure out what to do for March! I'm totally not prepared for that half marathon at all. I'm so far behind on the training that it's ridiculous. So I have a decision to make.
Question Mark Pictures

Do I email the race directors and switch down to the 5K distance or do I race the half completely unprepared? If I drop down, I'd focus on my training for the Nike Women's Half at the end of April (the training plan starts tomorrow).

What would you do??

Race the half? Drop to the 5k?

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