Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A few crazy days!

Wow! I can't believe it's already Wednesday night. 

This week needs to end soon and hopefully a much better week is on the horizon.

We've all been pretty good this winter in terms of getting sick. There were a few days back in October where the boys were sick and The Husband and I had to swap sick days here and there, but since then, the boys and I have been fairly healthy. The Husband a cold/cough after Christmas that hung around for a couple weeks, but once he was rid of that we were good!

This week, everything has gone downhill!

On Sunday, The Husband went out to the basketball game with my dad, brother and a family friend. I managed to get the boys (who were both overly grouchy) to bed early and my four loads of laundry done and I had settled in to watch The Walking Dead and planned on heading to bed early.

Instead, Joseph, who'd told me earlier that his tummy felt funny, was coughing and crying upstairs. I had a strange feeling if knew what was waiting for me.

I walked into the room and the poor kid was covered. I had to strip him down, throw him in the bathtub  and then brought him down to the couch to watch TV while I cleaned everything else up and threw it into the washing machine. I finally got to bed around midnight.

He was feeling better (much better actually) so off the boys went to daycare. I managed to get a run in after work and felt great. 

All of a sudden after dinner, my stomach wasn't feeling great. I was caught completely off-guard and had a ton of trouble sleeping that night, I had ridiculous and horrible dreams (in one I trashed my Dad's car) and never got past that stage of sleep. I'd get close and then wake up and then fall back into another dream.

By the time Tuesday morning came along, I couldn't stand for more than two minutes at a time. I sent the kids to daycare, took a sick day and went back to sleep. I passed out for the morning and woke up feeling better but still not great. I dropped Joseph's gross comforter off at my parents to be cleaned and then went to pick up the boys from daycare.

I walk in to daycare and was told that both boys were rubbing their eyes and they had woken up with red eyes. Yay! Pink eye. 

 photo DSCN2032_zps774e1103.jpg
Joseph with pink eye from a few years ago

Here's where I slink away in shame....

I sent The Husband to get Polysporin Pink Eye drops to see if I could catch it before it got too far infected. However, no one told me the daycare's 24-hour, doctors note policy so since the boys had no symptoms today I sent them to daycare. Now I feel like a loser! At my school, they can come back once the symptoms have gone. There were no goopy, pink eyes. 

I know for next time right??

I chalk it up to being sick myself and not really being able to focus. 

I'm hoping the worst is behind us and I can't wait for the warmer weather to start so we can stop worrying about colds, flus, snow suits and eczema. I'm so done!!!

How has your winter been? Lots of sicknesses or have you stayed away from it all? Ready for Spring yet?
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