Friday, January 24, 2014

Project 365 - Week #4

We're into Week #4 of Project 365! I'm doing really well with it and I've taken a picture every day!

Here's this week's pictures:

{Day 17 - January 17)

Doing some puzzles

 photo DSCN5092_zps3bd72c18.jpg

{Day 18 - January 18}

Playing outside in the snow with our downed tree branch

 photo DSCN5099_zps099881e2.jpg

{Day 19 - January 19}

Thoroughly enjoying Grandad's cake!

 photo DSCN5136_zps4f61cd1f.jpg

{Day 20 - January 20}

Playing cars on the kitchen floor

 photo DSCN5145_zps35062c62.jpg

{Day 21 - January 21st}

Trains with Daddy

 photo DSCN5150_zps15e8aa33.jpg

{Day 22 - January 22}

Chaos at Grandmom and Grandad's house.
 photo DSCN5154_zpsfdf04514.jpg

{Day 23 - January 23rd)

Ready to head off to school
 photo DSCN5155_zps19e662e1.jpg

This week, I swear, I'm breaking out the camera's instruction manual and doing some research on how to use my camera. Report cards are done and I have some time to do what I want and that is reading the manual and figuring out how to use this properly.

Once again I'm linking up with Nurse Loves Farmer, Simply Stavish and Behind the Camera and Dreaming to share my Project 365 pictures from the week. While you are visiting their sites, check out some of the other blogs' Project 365 pictures as well.

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