Friday, January 17, 2014

Project 365 - Week #3

I'm not overly impressed with my pictures this week, but at the same time, they were taken with the camera everyday! That's an accomplishment right?

Once I finish working on my report cards for school, I'll be bringing out the manual for the camera and figuring everything out!

{Day 10 - January 10 }

 Birthday Cake for Joseph's birthday
 photo January10_zpsb6455c4e.jpg

{Day 11 - January 11}

The birthday boy waiting to blow out candles
 photo January11_zps76131553.jpg

{Day 12 - January 12}

Big #3 left over from the birthday party!
 photo January14_zpscbddc884.jpg

{Day 13 - January 13}

Hamming it up for the camera
 photo January13_zpsf66aa1c0.jpg

{Day 14 - January 14}

Drinking with the sippy cup!
 photo January12_zpscf6feb17.jpg

{Day 15 - January 15}

Choo! Choo!
 photo January15_zpse98d7cb0.jpg

{Day 16 - January 16}

He stole big brother's chair (and I caught this silly face in the process)
 photo 7fb646dd-0008-4ce0-8b84-07bf34089197_zps23409446.jpg
 photo 31e0825d-a707-4c1f-81e9-6add446ee1f8_zps5adfcafc.jpg
Once again I'm linking up with Nurse Loves Farmer, Simply Stavish and Behind the Camera and Dreaming to share my Project 365 pictures from the week. While you are visiting their sites, check out some of the other blogs' Project 365 pictures as well.

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