Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Potty training in a week!

I've done it! My lovely little three year old is potty trained. There are still accidents of course (I mean, who would want to stop playing ninja turtles when you've finally gotten a turn to be Michaelangelo - the best turtle by far) but few and fairly far between.

While we were getting ready to do this, I heard so many potty training stories, tips and tricks. My favourite is my friend whose mom just flat out told her little brother, who was getting ready to start kindergarten in a few days, that if he wore diapers to school he'd have no friends (you go, Carol!). All of a sudden he was fully trained. He knew what to do but just refused. I didn't want to be changing two sets of diapers for another year and a half, but I'd thought about using this if necessary!

 photo pottytrainbutton2copy_zps3edf3f18.jpg

So here are my tips on how I successfully potty trained my three year old in a week (5 days actually).

Step 1: Hype it Up!
The husband and I seriously hyped up using the toilet. We pointed out that all his favourite people used the big boy toilet, not diapers. We mentioned his cousin, his uncles and we may have even thrown in Santa and his elves.

Step 2: Ditch the diapers (and pull-ups)
We didn't even give him a chance to get use to Pull-ups. We went straight to underwear. He quickly learned that wet pants and Hot Wheels underwear is not comfortable and that he needed to run to the bathroom. I was contemplating pull-ups and a co-worker said "girrrrllll, you crazy! Just go with the underwear!" (Ok maybe not quite like that, but she's a genius in my eyes).

Step 3: Stock up on books in the bathroom
We took in books. I found that the more relaxed he was it's easier for all of us. At first we'd sit and read for awhile, but then we only needed them for Number 2's. Eventually, we weren't even allowed in the bathroom for Number 1's (we put the kibosh on that after entering water world that had appeared).

 photo DSC_1308_zps533aabe1.jpg
I did it!

And lastly....

Step 4: Wait! Wait! Wait!
Honestly, it was so easy because he was completely ready. I'd read some other posts and books about potty training and signs of readiness. He showed all those signs but he clearly wasn't ready. He's sit on the potty and cry or flat out refuse. This time, there were no problems. We went straight to the big toilet, no little potty and he was perfectly fine. If he was still refusing, it definitely would have been done so quickly.

I've determined that potty training is definitely a "too each their own' type of undergoing but this is how we were successful.

Good luck if you are starting potty training! It's quite a crazy journey but I definitely love changing (and buying) fewer diapers.

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