Monday, January 27, 2014


Since I'm doing Project 365, I have a whole lot of pictures. The best part about a digital camera is that you can take tons of pictures before capturing the one that you love! This also means there is a lot of outtakes. Most of them are when the boys are posing nicely and just as I push the button they move:

 photo DSCN5104_zpsea03c3cc.jpg
He was making faces at me in the window and as soon as I figured out the camera he turned away.

 photo DSCN5080_zps8147edc0.jpg
He was sitting nicely.

 photo DSCN4954_zps47d3288f.jpg
Looks like a sneeze!

 photo DSCN5015_zps2ced0832.jpg
Swinging his head around!

I'm loving doing the photo project right now. I can't wait to share the remainder of my 365 pictures with you!

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