Monday, January 20, 2014

My 1st year of running!

As I said during my Santa Shuffle recap, when I saw the people running back in 2012 I told myself that I was going to start running and that I was going to do that race.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would have enjoyed myself this much nor that I would have run a half marathon nor signed up for 2 more! So here is my recap of my races:
The race itself was well done. I just couldn't handle the humidity and the hills. It was one of my worst times and I just never got comfortable.

  photo IMG_20130602_154852_zpsc46f4266.jpg

Best Race - Eaton Downtown Dash
This was my best time even though I was pretty sure the heat was going to destroy me! My time was 32:07. Nice flat course and not too many people.

 photo 59a970c2-27a6-4db7-b806-f7791218ff2f_zpse3217f5b.jpg
Most Favourite - Mississauga Marathon
This is my pick for my favourite race because it was the one I did with my awesome running buddy/friend Emily. This was her only race because she had my 'nephew' (I consider him a nephew) in September so she was already 20+ weeks pregnant when we ran. But we started at ground zero of running and survived the 5K!

 photo b6a1e5db-71cd-4cda-985b-bb9632ac9eae_zpsbd7fa88c.jpg
Most Proud Moment - Niagara Falls Half Marathon
I'm so proud that I finished this race! Even now, I still look back and think how in the world did I do that?

 photo DSC_1634_zpse143f8d8.jpg
Most Interesting - Colour Me Rad
It was fun, but there were a lot of people who weren't running but were walking in the way of us who were running. I also didn't get covered very much so you might not even have guessed that I ran it.

 photo 85873cab-7c6b-4714-b271-6c28d51229af_zps4801c374.jpg

Worst Weather and Course (aka WTF) - Oasis Zoo Run
I was soaked way before this race even started and there were a billion and one hills to go up and down. Don't forget the trillion zigzags that we had to navigate. They did do a good job of having people point you in the right direction. I was pretty sure I was soaked for days afterwards!

Photo: Oasis Zoo Run finisher!! Not the greatest time (33:54). The rain and hills really slowed me down but I ran a large majority of it! Next up CIBC Run for the Cure in October and then the half!
Heaviest Medal - Midsummer Night Run
I figured that if I was attacked on my way back to my car after the run I could easily have swung that at their heads and knocked them out!

 photo IMG_20130817_232402_zpseda869f3.jpg
Coldest Race - Santa Shuffle
Brrrrr! But it's December in Canada. What else do you expect?

 photo IMG_20131207_145357_zps922a9c65.jpg
My first year of running was awesome! I'm hoping to keep up with it and add better, healthier, more sport oriented foods to my diet and hopefully get under the 150's by half marathon in April!
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