Wednesday, January 15, 2014

If I had a millon dollars...

This is a question that one of my favourite blogger, Janae at Hungry Runner Girl, asked the other day and I honestly didn't think it through completely and gave some really quick answers.

However, now that I've had time to think it through, the first thing I would buy would be a house.

A Victorian house would be ideal! I love the front porch.

We have a house. We have just enough space for the four of us which is really more than I can ask for. However, since we dreaming here, I would love a house that has a spare room/office for The Husband (and so Grandma and Papa can spend the night), a finished basement to make a playroom for the boys, with an additional room to create a craft room for myself.

Second, would be a new car. Literally, just because:

File:2nd Nissan Xterra .jpg
Nissan X-terra. Big enough for hockey equipment!

Third, I'd go on a shopping spree, for clothes, for me. Oh, ok and the boys. I want a whole bunch of new clothes, just to start over with my wardrobe. I would probably spend a lot of time at Gymboree as well since I love all their clothes but try to not buy them since they're so expensive.

My other ideas include:

- a treadmill
- a trip to Disney World
- a trip with The Husband somewhere warm
- enter some more pricey running events (i.e. Disney)
- donate to Juvenile Diabetes and mental health organizations
- a personal chef/trainer

What about you? What would you spend $1 million on?
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