Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm definitely a warm weather runner

This story doesn't end well, because I live in Canada. 

Canada. The cold, frozen, tundra. 

The tundra in the winter
The frozen tundra!

Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but this winter it definitely feels like it.

Last winter was relatively mild, with one or two big storms.

This year, there has been two waves of freezing cold temperatures (with a third on the way), an ice storm, some decent snowfalls (probably more on the way) and very icy sidewalks.

I haven't been out running in quite sometime and I have a feeling it is really going to mess with my upcoming half marathon plans. I have one March 2 and I was really hoping to set a new personal best time of less than 2:30. 

When is it time to hang up your running shoes for a new pair?
Not my shoes, but what mine are doing!

However, that dream appears to be dissipating very quickly!

It seems my body and mind prefer warmer weather. Getting myself up and out in the sunshine and nice evening weather is 1000 times easier than the dark, nasty winter weather. Maybe it's the lack of layers I need to put on to go out. Maybe it's the fact that it's light out still. Maybe it's that there are more races that are motivating me to get out and run. I just can't get out in the winter.

warm weather
I'd much rather run here!

Also, I really hate running in the dark. My mind is constantly thinking about what could happen. I do all of the tips to stay safe but I'm still very nervous about it.

It has crossed my mind a billion times to join a gym. I don't want the one year commitment, just the warm, dry place to run and possibly work out for an hour until it gets warmer again. Would you join a gym for a month or three? I can't make up my mind.

What do you do to get past a bump or hiccup in the road to a goal? Has anyone experienced the same bump I'm going through right now?

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