Sunday, January 5, 2014

Healthy in 2014 Link Up - Week #1

Welcome to my first week of my...
...Healthy in 2014
 link up party!
I find so many interesting ideas posted on other blogs that I read that I want to share them with all of my own readers. These numerous ideas are workouts, healthy eating tips and recipes as well as ideas for your mental well-being (which is just as important as the physical).
IMG_20130112_175533_zpsfc0ed6b6 photo IMG_20130112_175533_zpsfc0ed6b6.jpg
Here's the deal. Every Monday the link up is going to go live and I'd love for you to share any healthy post. It doesn't even have to be new! If you have a healthy recipe from 2 years ago, share it! If you have a favourite workout or yoga pose you want to share, please do! Even motivational stories or quotes!

 I love my running, but I'm looking to make myself a more well-rounded healthy person and to get better with my eating and I'm hoping that this will help everyone!

Since I don't really have any tips just yet (I'm still working on them), I decided I'd share a previous post from last May when I was seeing a lot of success with my weight loss and was trying some spinning. It's funny how motivating pictures can be!

Please make sure you visit other blogs as well and try to comment on what you see! I (and they) would greatly appreciate it! We can all use tips and motivation from one another.


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