Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1 Step Closer to Washington D.C.

As you probably know, my entry into the random draw for the Nike Women's Half Marathon was chosen and I get to run 21.1 km through Washington D.C!

As the months count down, I'm so, so, so excited!!

I have another half to do before then, in March, but really my mind is completely focused on Washington. I haven't been on vacation in so long that this is a big event!

Yesterday, I moved one step closer!

Being a teacher, taking time off to go do a run somewhere was almost inconceivable. Luckily, the board and union have instituted VLAP days (or Voluntary Leave of Absence). We can take up to 5, but I just took 1 since we don't get paid for this.

I found out today that the school board accepted my day off so now we're moving onto the next step..BOOKING FLIGHTS!!

We've already had our hotel booked for quite sometime, but it doesn't cost anything to cancel a hotel so far out from the time, but canceling flights costs money. Now that I know I can take that Friday off, I'm ready to go!!


Have you ever been to Washington D.C.??

What are the best things to do?

Where are the best places to eat?

Any other fun things?

The Husband is accompanying me, but other than the 3 or 4 hours that I'm running, we're pretty much free and open! Did I mention that I'm excited?

The only issue is training because of the snow/cold, but we'll work through that!

What are you most excited about in the near future?

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