Sunday, December 29, 2013

Whirlwind Christmas!

We're done with all of our Christmas parties and get togethers. We spent a few days at The Husbands parents house before the break which was nice for both them and us. They don't get to see the boys very often because they live further away so we took the opportunity to spend a good chunk of time there.

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While we were there, we celebrate Christmas with his parents and my sister-in-law and her family. The four kids are all really close in age so they all get along really well. There was only one giant mishap where Joseph was running and crashed right into my nephew who went flying. Joseph ended up with a fat lip from biting it and my poor nephew ended up with a bump on the back of his head and Joseph's teeth marks in his forehead. Other than that, things were good! 

The boys got some really cute toys. Andrew got a steam roller and a Little People Batman car and Joseph got an excavator and a remote control Dusty Crophopper plane. One day I'll have to post a video of Joseph flying the plane. It's quite cute. The four kids also got Canada jerseys and Joseph loves his! There are times we can't get it off him.

Dusty Planes Pilot Pals Remote Control

When we were visiting, a good portion of Ontario was hit with a ice storm. Where we were staying got a lot of ice but most things were still standing and power never went out. When we got home, we found that one of our branches from a tree had broken off and one of our eaves troughs had broken due to the weight of the ice and snow. Luckily there wasn't any more damage than that. 

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We got home, had some McDonalds as our Christmas Eve dinner, put the boys to bed, wrapped presents, went to bed and was ready to get up in the morning to start the second part of the Christmas craziness!

We didn't get up too early, which was nice because I'm sure the 5:00 am Christmas wake ups will start soon. We didn't have too much to open at our house, since we had an idea they were going to get a lot at my parents (and we were right).

Joseph got some play-doh and a camera and Andrew got a steering wheel and some Mega-Bloks. I also got him some little floating monsters for the bathtub, but found out he doesn't like them and won't get into the bathtub if they are in there too (mommy fail!).
 photo DSCN4958_zps398ba82d.jpg

Around 11, we headed down to my parents to open presents and have my family's Christmas dinner. The boys received a new train set and a train table and a whole bunch of other items. I personally got an iPad (yay!) which has already let me catch up on the blog a bit. I also got some YakTrax from The Husband and a gift card to Under Armour! All of us were definitely spoiled.

I made a 20.5 lb turkey (which is funny because Andrew only weighs 22 lbs) and we had a delicious Christmas dinner.

On the 28th, we headed to a party with some of The Husband's extended family, where there was tons of food and tons of people to catch up with.

Phewf! I think it's all done. The whirlwind is over and now it's time for The Husband and I to relax and play with the boys before we both head back to work next week. Hopefully, potty training will be successful and soon it's Joseph's birthday.

How was your Christmas?

Any big plans for New Years?
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