Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snowman Week!

My students at school are oh-so-excited for winter, snow and making snowmen. We've had one snowfall where the students were able to go tobogganing a bit but there wasn't enough to make a snowman.
I decided that next week we're going to have 'Snowman Week'! We're supposed to get a snowfall so maybe there'll be enough for actual snowmen, but one day we're going to make marshmallow snowman for sure (snow or not!).
I've also got a whole week of snowman activities planned.
Monday is our weekly poem, where we're focusing on shapes and this week is the star so there isn't anything going on. Maybe we'll make the marshmallow snowmen then.
Tuesday, we're going to make torn paper snowmen that look like this:

We're also going to count and match some snowmen as well in order to get some numeracy and literacy in there as well.

Wednesday, the students are going to draw snowmen and write about them in their journal. They get to decide how many buttons their snowman is going to have and then write a sentence that says "My snowman has ______ buttons".

Thursday, we're going to make shaving cream/glue snowmen. The nose, eyes, buttons, scarf and hat we'll add afterwards, but the arms we're going to go on a walk to find twigs and use those as arms instead. I found another site where they gave the kids a template to paint so that it wasn't all over.
* Mix equal parts of shaving cream and Elmer’s glue.  The mixture dries puffy just like this.  * Use your fingers to spread the shaving cream mixture and create your snowmen on blue cardstock.  * Add cardstock pieces to form the eyes, nose, mouth, hat, and arms.  (I used ribbon for the scarf.)  * I saw this adorable idea here at Homemaking Fun.

Friday, we're going to do some painting after reading Snowmen at Night. The kids will get to paint their snowmen doing whatever they want at night. They'll paint on black construction paper and I'm just hoping the colours will show up nicely.

I'm excited for next week! It's perfect because the students have their Kindergarten & Grade 1 Winter Extravaganza on the 17th so I'll have lots of artwork to put up for the parents to come and see once the concert is done and they are collecting their kids and all their belongings.

I can't wait to show you how everything turns out and maybe I'll do some with Joseph over the Christmas break!
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