Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa Shuffle 5K!

I was very excited to run this race!
This is actually the race the inspired me to start running. This time last year, I was driving to Michaels' to get some materials for my cake course that I was taking and I saw a whole bunch of people running along the sidewalk with Santa hats and numbers.
After some research I determined that it was the Santa Shuffle 5K and I decided that I was going to be running it this year.
I registered way back in the summer and it finally showed up.
I went Friday night and picked up my packet. It was the weirdest pick up ever! I walked into the Running Room (local running store) and there was a lady sitting at a table. She found my name, handed me a bib (just the one on the top of the pile, not a specific one) and my pins. Then she handed me the craziest goodies I've ever seen (candy, cookies, a CD, etc.).
 photo IMG_20131207_094238_zps44077ee2.jpg
My number with my toque that I had to dig out at the last minute!

The race was at 10:00 so I was able to sleep in a bit (The Husband had the boys at his parents for the city's Santa Claus parade). I got myself up, had a cup of tea, some cereal I got ready to head out into the flurries that had started to fall.
It was freezing outside! I put on three layers (tech tee, long sleeved shirt and jacket), my toque (headband wasn't warm enough) and my running mitts (didn't work).

I got there about 9:50 (race started at 10) and headed into the church to put my ballot into the raffle box and keep warm. Since it was just a community race for the Salvation Army, there was no chip timing or corrals or anything exciting. We lined up, Santa said 'Go, go, go' (I kinda chuckled at this) and off we went.

It was complete chaos at the beginning. There were so many people that ran the first 2 minutes and then started walking, right in the way of everyone else. It was really bad. The course was 2 loops around the neighbourhood, which was fine and it eventually spread out.

I was doing well with my splits until I hit the 3K mark. That's where things started to go wrong. I've been dealing with a ridiculous cough for a few weeks and I'm pretty sure I have cold induced asthma (I'm heading to the doctor tomorrow). Plus, I have my busted rib still that isn't getting better. I ended up having to walk a whole bunch of times and ended up with a time of 35:15 (my worst since my first 5K in May). I did get a medal. It's quite cute.

 photo IMG_20131207_145357_zps922a9c65.jpg

I finished and headed back into the church for my refreshments and to check out the awards since I didn't need to race home afterwards. I grabbed a bagel, some hot chocolate and downed 2 bottles of Gatorade and a bottle of water. I coughed and coughed and coughed and turned bright red when someone asked if I was alright.

The best part was the Salvation Army was giving out little toys and we were allowed to take two. I managed to get Joseph some Hot Wheels cars for his stocking and Andrew his very own Thomas train so that Joseph won't steal it.

Honestly, I'm disappointed by my finishing time, but at the same time, I'm still proud that I did it. A year ago, I never thought I'd be as successful with my running as I am.

In January I'm hoping to turn it into a Fit Friday fitness link up that hopefully will have healthy recipes and other exercises that we can all benefit from. I love reading about others healthy lifestyles and borrowing some ideas to help me along!
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